Lilly & Leopard

guys help.

I need a fun/unique dress that I can wear to a wedding AND to a casino night party at my country club without spending a fortune. Any ideas other than LuLus, Tobi, and Shop Sosie?

Lilly and monograms 
Dress - lilly pulitzer
Scarf - marley lilly 
Earrings - Kate spade

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Ashlyn, Let It Be Beautiful
Nothing cures the Sunday blues like puppy snuggles 
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profoundprep: Hi there! I just started this anonymous blog today sort of as turning over a new leaf in my life, as my birthday is tomorrow. I'll be posting daily devotionals, also about good sales, some insight into my life, and bounds of preppy pictures! Hope you'll follow back xx

Of course!! Looks awesome so far. Happy birthday love!! Xoxo